Lead Generation

SMAC Digital leads generation services to offer you an increased number of targeted and qualified leads in B2B and B2C markets. In the world of digital marketing service, lead generation companies can serve as your first step to get closer to the customer, based on the interest or inquiry of the products/services shown by them.

SMAC Digital helps in providing pay per lead services to help in the growth of online businesses, either through paid promotions or organic optimization of the website or service.

How SMAC Digital Different to others

Functionality for Online lead generation services

Leads generation, being the first step in bringing customers to the company, is why it is paid great attention. The team helps in generating leads for the company to get more customers and the CRM team will convert those leads into customers.

The campaigns used for generating leads are conceptualized by our team who implements them to gain validated leads. The qualified leads are then delivered to the clients or their marketing/sales manager through emails.

How will you benefit from increased leads?

  • • It determines the pricing on per lead basis
  • • The company can choose the product they wish to offer
  • • The company can choose a geographical area to flourish the business
  • • It engages tighter targeting audience
  • • It controls the number of leads a business receive per month
  • • The company pays for only the leads it receives

Get Hot Validated Business Leads!

Are you a startup or small organisation struggling to acquire leads? Avail our B2B lead generation services to gain validated leads and expand your company by leaps and bounds.

  • • We deliver quality, verified leads.
  • • Competitor tracking.
  • • Customised campaigns via social media buying service.
  • • Zero-risk game.
  • • Pay only for qualified leads.
  • How do we make a difference? Our team helps in the lead generation with their different and well-researched techniques.
  • Less Sales Efforts - Our lead generation company reduces the burden on your sales team by covering all phases of generating hot, validated leads for your business. Our expert outsourced sales team members will be responsible for carrying out all your sales related activities.
  • Continued Follow ups - Our team makes sure to follow up on the created leads continuously with conversion rates moving quickly in favor of the company. We raise the top lead and check on them once, before forwarding it to the company.
  • Draws in the Customers - Smac uses an inbound approach to build the leads, which involves paid search marketing, content marketing and opted email marketing. Our lead generators make interactive marketing efforts to pull in potential customers.

More Leads Mean More Sales!

Do you want to generate more leads for your online company? At Smac Digital, we offer lead-based marketing services via a strategic mix of SEO services and PPC Services. A lead is any person who visits your landing page and fills in the inquiry form, showing an interest to know more about your product/service. The lead can be followed up with because he fills in his contact details.

Lead-based online marketing is a targeted method for obtaining leads and is a highly effective form of Digital Marketing.

We work with you to improve your business's bottom line and generate
positive ROI so that you can scale it up.