Social Media Marketing

social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms in a manner so that audiences are created for brand awareness; increase in sales, and to boost web traffic.

Social media marketing

At the very first stage, there is a need to understand the strategy to be followed for future growth. The very first thing you need to understand is your business goal, and how social media is helping you to achieve that goal. Like some of the businesses require social media only for brand awareness while others request it for driving website traffic. It would help if you focused on the following points –

  • • Which social media platform you want to focus on, and why?
  • • What type of content do you want to share on social media?
  • • What are your Social Media strategy and social media marketing plan?

Planning & Publishing

Social media marketing, in the case of small business, begins with the presence on social media, and the same should be consistent throughout the year. Though it sounds easy, publishing on social media could be a tricky task. There is a need for proper content planning with publishing the content and reviewing the result of the same. Here an expert will help you to gain the best from the use of social media. In simple language, one thing looks easy may not be as easy . So don’t waste your time and resources on the unstructured idea but opt for an expert to get the best solution.

Audience Engagement

With the growth of businesses and social media, there will begin a conversation on your pages made on social media. Your audience engagement is one of the underlying phenomena of social media marketing, which will decide the success or failure of your planning.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics will provide you a basic idea on how social media marketing is performing and its performance is impacting the overgrowth of your company. Many analytical tools will give you an insight into your progress on social media. These analyses need to be correctly reported and evaluated at regular intervals.


If you invest your funds wisely, you could grow your social media manifolds. The social media advertising platform is immensely powerful and could help you to grow in your business. Here the essential thing needed to understand is the rationality behind spending. Therefore if you are spending a certain amount of money, always go for a cost-benefit analysis to get an overview.

SMAC Social media metrics

Social Media Metrics is a tool that provides data on the success of your post and how it has impacted the audience and customers. These metrics may consist of data on the level of engagement, like , follow and similar interactions made on the platform.

The primary metrics to be tracked is as follows –

  • Engagement : Engagement provides an idea on click, comments , likes, and replies for the social media post. The platform also has specific functions like saved and pinned, which also give an idea of the engagement of visitors.
  • Followers : A follower represents several people following your social media page.
  • Impression : Impression represents the number of times the social media page is seen, or members have clicked on it.
  • Reach, Video visit : These are also essential factors of social media marketing, which provide information on the reach of viewers and video visits made by the clients.
  • Profile visit, reports, tags : Profile visit and reports tags provide an idea on how many clients found your profile engaging, and the reports tags give an opinion as to how many viewers have found you're creative or your content appealing enough to tag.

SMAC Digital will help you with your social media marketing goals

In a nutshell, social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic to your social page through a social media site. We use social media platforms most efficiently for brand building, sales boost up, and website driven truck. So avail the service of an expert to improve your brand's performance and functions.

The main gain you are going to get with social media marketing is as follows –

  • 1. The consumer will be more receptive to your messages when you opt to market it through social media.
  • 2. Social Media Marketing helps in creating brand recognition.
  • 3. Social Media Marketing helps to increase inbound traffic.
  • 4. Social Media channels help you to reach to customers beyond geographical limitations.
  • 5. Social Media Advertising helps in targeting and retargeting customers.
  • 6. It’s an effective way of marketing.
  • 7. Social Media Marketing helps in improving search engine ranking.
  • 8. You have all your competitors on social media.
  • 9. It's a channel that provides a high conversion rate from visitors to leads and ultimately to customers.
  • 10. Social Media marketing helps to improve brand loyalty.

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