Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a simple marketing tool where brands make videos for the product and the same is promoted in the social media channels. It helps to promote your company’s product and drives massive traffic to your site. Video marketing is also data-driven and it helps to promote your products on different media platforms.

Some of the basic features of video marketing are as follows –

  • It helps you to connect with the audience.
  • Videos help in building a backlink for your sites.
  • Video has a high level of information retention.
  • Video content brings around 74% of traffic.
  • People prefer videos of written information.

Challenges of video marketing

Some basic challenges faced in video marketing is as follows –

  • Building a solid and effective video strategy.
  • Creation of content as per people’s likes.
  • Creation of engaging videos that should get shared.
  • There is a rise in completion in recent times.
  • Good content creation for videos

How SMAC Digital will help you with video marketing

The video entails a story most effectively compared to blogs or images. In digital marketing, the compelling capacity of the video is used to engage the visitors and make them believe in the product. With so many attributes attached, what matters is the quality and engagement of the video. Your compelling video can create a long-lasting impact while a poor quality video can ruin your impression at the same time.

SMAC digital has known the impact video can create on the viewers. The company makes customized video marketing plans based on the product, goal, and objectives you want to achieve. We follow the following steps in video marketing to make them compelling and engaging video.

We gain a proper understanding of the audience and set the campaign goal accordingly

If you have to connect with shoppers your video tone and content should be different as compared to if you have to connect with the professionals. At the very first stage, this is called knowing your target audience. We create the videos after knowing for whom we are making the video and why we are doing so.

All big things start with research. We make a proper search to know the following facts –

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What type of content will resonate with them?
  • What kind of channel will be most convenient to reach them?
  • What is the ultimate goal of the campaign, like awareness, sales or traffic?

We always focus and stick to the brand and nail down the message we want to convey

Viewers can only get engaged in your content if they found something interesting and punchy. Consistent branding of the product with engaging content makes them more likable and shareable. For instance, if we are placing the video of our client on any social media channel, we make sure that it should always be linked to the landing page and conveying the message of the brand with the clarity and in a compelling manner.

Creating video in economical yet qualitative manner

Much digital marketing agency cost a hefty sum of money from their clients for video creation. It is one of the biggest myths that spending a heavy amount on video creation will improve the quality of the product delivered.

Video optimization targeting each channel separately

After defining your target audience and content we make sure that the video gets optimized so that much engagement could be achieved. We optimize the video targeting the channel separately. For Example , if the video is made for youtube then it takes two weeks to refine the result. While when a video is prepared for twitter then a fine balance between fine-tune targeting audiences makes the difference.

Follow the basic standards

We always stick to the standard in terms of basic terminology to create a compelling and engaging video for the clients. Some of the factors we always follow are as follows -

  • Engagement rate : The engagement rate depicts the interaction anyone has with the video. It gives the idea on following aspects namely
    • How much time did someone spend on the video
    • Are they watching the complete video or leaving it in between
    These numbers provide an idea of the quality of the video created. we make sure that the video we create should have a high engagement rate.
  • View Count : View counts represent," how many times a video has been watched”. But the measurement of the same is different for different channels. At SMAC digital we use the insight of each platform to know how much is the actual view count of the video.
  • Social Sharing : Social sharing represents how many times the video has been shared. Sharing depends only on the fact if they found the video interesting.


When viewers are leaving a comment on social media it shows they have a level of engagement either positive or negative. We consider all this feedback for delivering a better social media campaign.

We incorporate all the factors essential for creating a sound video marketing plan which should help meet the client’s goals. We make sure that all the factors should be taken into consideration for the creation of a quality and engaging video at a reasonable rate which should ultimately help the client with its objective.

SMAC digital is the best digital marketing agency that provides quality service to its clients in digital marketing. We have a team of experts who provide are dedicated to providing the best service to its client. We have worked with national and international clients and created the engaging video as per there requirements. Let’s boost your business together will engaging video content. For further details contact us today.

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