Sentiment Analysis

What is sentiment analysis?
Sentimental analysis is the combination of a machine learning algorithm with natural language processing. In simple terms speech, emoji, text, images or visuals all these qualify for sentimental analysis.

Sentimental Analysis for Business enterprises

SMAC digital begins its sentiment analysis journey with gathering information on different customer’s journey. This information helps to provide insight through the feedback expressed on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Now the main work begins where we dig all these data, churn them our to get the extract f message conveyed. Mining this myriad of documents to extract the message conveyed through tedious but a very important aspects of the business. It is important to understand the common language used so that most that view of customers could be better understood.

  • • Analyze and practice on the larger data
  • • Leverage Human Intelligence
  • • Flexible workforce
  • • Scalable Throughput
  • • Monitor the Brand reputation & Brand Image
  • • Analyze the social media comments and news articles
  • • Track customer’s sentiment for the products

It a simple support tool to which helps in saving time of the user so that it could streamline its energy more of in strategy making.

How SMAC DIGITAL perform Sentimental Analysis ?

Sentiment analysis is the contextual mining done for the text messages so that subjective information, like what the client wants to interpret and say and how it's going to impact the future of the product, is obtained. We take an overall approach rather than limiting ourselves to count-based metrics. We do a deep analysis to understand what is going on and how exactly it will impact the product in the future. We work with the following two aspects in mind:

  • Key aspects of the brand, product, and services that customers concerned about most.
  • User’s underlying reaction and other aspects

We follow a good structure process

As sentiment analysis is the most common classification tool implemented, where an incoming message is analyzed whether it is depicting a positive, negative or neutral sentiment. With the help of the information, it is further analyzed that hoe this sentiment is going to impact the product.

On the next step an intent analysis is performed, in which the user's intent is behind that message is analyzed making a clear demarcation as to whether this information is an opinion, news or any marketing complaint or any kind of suggestion.

We finally perform, Contextual semantic search to derive a kind of actionable insight. We try to understand the kind of brand and its aspect the user is discussing. To make things simple for you, an e-commerce portal will segregate the information related to late deliveries, billing issues, promotion, and product reviews. We use an algorithm called CSS which take thousand of messages and other input and filter the messages at the first stage. In the second stage, we opt for a manual and more analytical search by the expert so that the best result could be delivered.

We follow the following process to deliver the best in sentiment analysis:

  • 1. Interaction : We establish the basic connection between the potential customers and the business team.
  • 2. Consultation : The potential customer provides the information and his objective and we put our ideas in front of them.
  • 3. Evaluation : Compliance and technical specialist examine and identify the business needs of potential buyers.
  • 4. Execution : Potential buyers confirm the compliance details so that the engineering team will start executing the same.
  • 5. Disposition : The delivery team is in charge to dispose of the service to ensure the best experience to the customers.
  • 6. Expectation : We believe in building a long term relationship with the clients by exceeding their expectations and delivering the best service to them.

Our sentiment analysis service provides the clients with a highly accurate visual representation of customers ' thoughts and sentiments, company's products, and other aspects. We analyze the data from various media like social media, customer reviews, and mass media, like newspapers and television, questionnaire and call center.

Our service is different

The services are based on artificial intelligence (AI), which can analyse language text on different topics, sentiments, and intentions. These data are classified into three major categories, namely

  • Smac Digital offers a unique sentiment analysis service model that guarantees definite clarity of customers' opinions towards any product or service. We gather data from various sources and create extensive possibilities to evaluate customer opinions and emotions. Customer views, comments, and opinions collected via different sources are analysed and categorised as negative, positive, and neutral to calculate the final sentiment score that leads to significant business decision-making.
  • Not only do we support capturing the client’s experience, but our insights also allow organisations to assess their performance compared with the sentiment analysis scores of their competitors.
  • Though this service is creating ways to develop successful approaches to make customers happy, some businesses are still not exploring such an effective process.
  • Sentiment analysis is making its mark in delivering a delightful customer experience, and that’s possible only when you understand your customer better. We are here to fulfil this purpose.
  • Are you looking to find out what your customers say about your brand and your competitors? Ask for a demo or a call back from our CX consultant.
  • Let's collaborate with SMAC Digital for better brand service for all your products and services. We have a team of experts to provide the best sentiment analysis results to our clients. The age of getting meaningful insight from social media is done with both expertise and advanced technology. We apply advance options in sentiment analysis rather than sticking to years-old count-based metrics only. Our clients have shown a positive result with our services, and we are determined to grow and make ourselves the best in sentiment analysis services with each new product and business. Some come and collaborate with us for the best sentiment analysis services.

How SMAC digital will help you with Marketing Automation?

  • 1. Encourage readers to opt for your reader's list : We help you to receive quality traffic from search or social media so that the marketing automation list could be prepared. We provide quality content for your website visitors so that they get engaged and organic traffic could be fetched.
  • 2. Deliver you're an opt-in promise : When the user subscribes to receive the email we begin the requisite conversation with the clients. We provide the information to the interested subscriber in the form of e-book, newsletter or another form of content so that these subscribers should be converted into quality leads.
  • 3. Identifying the motivated subscriber : We know that it is always a good idea to spend more time on motivated subscribers. For doing so we make a proper analysis to identify the motivated subscribers who have the strongest interest in your product and services. For doings we categories the subscriber into warm and cold leads. We prepare a different new strategy for warm leads so that they could get converted into customers.
  • 4. Providing warm leads to the sales team : After the automatic segmentation of warm and cold leads with marketing automation tools, we provide the warm leads to your sales team. We have upgraded marketing automation techniques which will notify your sales staff for any new lead so that you could make quick follow up.
  • 5. Warm-up procedure for cold leads : The last but not least we gradually warm up the cold subscriber. We make a separate strategy for all the cold leads so that these can be converted in to warm leads.

SMAC digital is the best digital marketing agency that provides quality marketing services to its clients. We are working with some of the pioneer national and international brands providing quality service to our clients. We will provide you the best marketing automation service and provide a proper strategy to convert these leads into customers. For further information visit the company website and contact us today.

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