Top SEO trends in 2020

When it comes to SEO, it’s one of the complicated and most dynamic factors in digital marketing. SMAC digital has taken into account all the new trends in SEO. And compile it in one place for a better understanding of digital business .if you are looking for the best digital marketing agency in Jaipur, visit our website, and Let's grow your business together.

The snippet is a new trend.

Snippet trend will continue even in the direction in the year 2020. Snippets are zero position clicks that Google search placed on the first position based on the content richness. Here your focus should be on what people are searching. In the context of the same use, Google search console to analyze the keywords that are bringing traffic to your website. So don’t waste your time in words like “How, “when, “or "what. " Instead of these words, optimize your page for keywords search.

Rich Content is a must

With the presence of snippet, there are two options available for SEO optimization; either you should have a featured snippet or a content-rich snippet. To make your snippet productive, you need to use images, proper ratings, and other features. For doing so, you need to check your data at the website auditor as to whether it is structured or not. Use a rank tracker to know the chances of your search to appear as a featured snippet. If your Content is not ranking on the first page, you need to make it more content-rich and structured to appear on the first page.

Change in Local SEO trends

Most of the zero searches are local searches like "near me" or "close to me." In this case, it is better to create a Google business page for your website, which will cover most of these queries. But its only one part of the game people who are looking for a comparison of products or services will visit your website. In this case, a solid backlink profile needed. Here your backlinks also need to be locally Google authoritative.

Learning algorithm

Google uses the algorithm to filter the keyword-stuffed pages from its search. For the year 2020, Google's latest algorithm BERT needed to be followed religiously. In general, Google is using three kinds of mechanism for its better results namely

  1. Neural matching - to figure out the meaning of the query
  2. Rank brain – adjust SERP following the data collected with for user behavior
  3. BERT - Algorithm for the structure of search for a better understanding of keywords.

Neural matching is something that depends upon Google's criteria, and there is no need to make an effort in that field. BERT could only get improved with rich Content, and you can make it better with better and rich Content.

Therefore all the changes after that depend upon Rank Brain. Your goal should never be only to rank for any keyword. Intent matching should be of paramount importance, and the same should be the primary goal. Use Google rank tracker and get an idea on the Content, which is ranked by Google on the topic.

So the chronology should be as follows –

  1. Know the intent behind the search with Google rank tracker
  2. Get the idea on the intent of the searcher
  3. Create Content accordingly


Brand building

Building a brand name will always be trending in the year 2020. Like the previous year, Google guidance will highlight content authority as one of the main factors for SEO trends. Backlinking and sharing will have a significant impact on content richness. These factors will play a vital role in brand building.

When you have a strong brand, then people will share your Content, with the help of that you can create active backlinks. In the context of brand building, it’s better to choose both offline and online options, as in that case, traffic will directly hit on your website.

Therefore we can say that in the year 2020, quality link profiles will be very much in trend. Proper utilization of this quality link is known as social media listening. You can monitor all kinds of products and brands with social media listening.

SEO strategy 2020 rules for the year 2020 will be more dynamic and need expertise in the same. SMAC Digital, the best digital marketing agency in Jaipur, is working to bring all SEO trends of the year 2020 in one place to make it easy for the clients to understand the whole process for a better brand building. To take your Search engine optimization to the next level contact us or visit our website. Let's grow your business and boost your turnover together with digital marketing.

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